Garbage dump catches fire : Nattu Visesham

Garbage dump catches fire : Nattu Visesham
Kundara: Haritha Kar in the old building of Anjalummood Block Panchayat. A pile of plastic garbage collected by Ma Sena caught fire.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon at 2.45. It is estimated that 50 tons of plastic has been destroyed.

Corporation’s Haritakarma Sena joins forces to bring plastic In-building and in-building use Empty plastics were attached to the building and stored in the open. Laughing. The fire started from the rear of the building.

Later, the building was on fire. When the fire breaks out, the window panes are blown out and the building is damaged. The fire was spreading to t parts.

Fire from Kadapakkada, Chamakkada, Kundara and Chawara And safety department reached, but the fire could be extinguished by 4 pm. Th.


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