Garmin Watch Tracks Multiple Health, Safety and Activity Profiles –

Garmin Latest software upgrade for garmin smart watch This covers from the enhancement of health monitoring capabilities to the display of more detailed information such as increasing the stage of sleep. and display in graph format Security features and adding a variety of activity profiles to cover more users’ lifestyles The latest software upgrades are as follows:

Better Health TrackingN

  • Sleep Tracking – Improves sleep detection throughequipment and addRestless sleep phase (restlessness) also addgraph to be able to understand the dataeasier
  • Update widget Intensity Minutes – that help userscan check the level Intensity Minutes every day
  • Breathing exercises and the Respirat widgetion – add breathing exercises and the information display boxbreathing seal ready to customizeSmart breathing rate gadgetsmartwatch series INSTINCT 2
  • Body Battery Algorithm Update – Improved algorithm in smart.smartwatch series INSTINCT 2
  • Fitness Age display – Added health age measurement feature. (fitness age) in user profile settingswork

Feature improvementssafety

  • Update incident detectionemergency in various activities be it walking, climbing and general use (in the specified version)
  • Update user experienceUse security and tracking Send a message with your current location.of the user easily with the last selected contactfront circle and assign emergency contactsso that your watchYou can ask for help case of emergency
  • When paired with a smartphone thatSupport ViewYour terms and restrictionsSafety characteristics and complaintsfollow

increased sports activities

  • Added new sports activities, including horseback riding, tennis, jumping rope. (in the specified version)
  • jumping featurechest can be downloaded through bitchct IQ
  • Added support for Green Contours. in golf by pairing with the app Garmin Golf to see the direction and levelThe slope of the golf course from the clockyour crow
  • Improved detection of running activities/Better walk/stand through a new version of the algorithm toStop detecting during cookingactivities and add running/walking detectionL/Stand on the activity summary page for playing.sports
  • Up Ahead update to support the file GPX (for outdoor smart watchlast)

User interface improvements

  • keyboard default settingsTime on the app Garmin Connect Add features to adjustImproved in-app settings Garmin Connect on mobile (for smartThe latest outdoor smartwatch)
  • Add indicators to the data after eating.Karma – add indicators after doing activities, such as adaptation to the environmentstamina, pace, detailed speed, rock climbing, stamina and rock climbing

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