Gasol raises the alarm

Marc Gasol injured his knee in the first match of the final four to advance to the ACB against Força Lleida. At that moment thousands of Girona feared the worst, but Gasol endured the discomfort against Estudiantes and contributed to the victory that culminated the promotion milestone. However, he is still dragging the injury and it is clear that, without an exceptional goal and with the challenge of competing regularly in the elite of Spanish basketball, it is essential that the franchise player of the team recovers fully. As Encestando explained, Gasol may miss the first two months of competition, so he will not return to the track until November. So, the club is considering the signing of a guarantee pivot to replace him until he has fully recovered. Nobody from Basketball Girona wanted to confirm anything about it. Neither of Gasol’s injury nor of the possible arrival of a temporary substitute.

Seeing this scenario, the pivot will miss his return to the ACB in a match that fans are particularly excited about: Real Madrid’s visit to Fontajau on September 28. However, the other visit that is also eagerly awaited should not be missed: that of Barça, scheduled for Saturday January 28, 2023.

Oriola, on point

The next signing to arrive, however, will be that of Pierre Oriola, from Barça. Sarunas Jasikevicius did not count on him for the next season and, despite having other offers to continue his sports career away from the Palau Blaugrana, he has preferred to bet on the Girona club. The agreement exists and would sign for two seasons. For it to become official, however, he must terminate the contract he has signed with Barça until 2024, although a complicated operation is not expected.

That of Tàrrega would be the seventh incorporation of Basketball Girona 2022-23 after the arrivals of Kameron Taylor, Ondra Hanzlík, Quino Colom, Pato Garino, Roko Prkacin and Pol Figueras, so that Aíto Garcia Reneses would see how the sports management puts the at your disposal an even more competitive staff. With the signing of Pierre Oriola, the Madrid coach would have twelve players for this season: the seven signings and four who continue (Josep Franch, Máximo Fjellerup, Èric Vila, Jaume Sorolla and Marc Gasol).


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