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Gauri Kishan and Anaka’s lesbian character’s album has been leaked on social media and fans are going viral. Gauri Kishan is one of the most popular actresses in the world of South Indian cinema. He has acted not only in Tamil but also in other language films like Malayalam and Telugu. She is currently starring in the movie Makizhini Album. Also, Anaka is starring opposite Gauri Kishan in this film. It is noteworthy that he also acted in some films in Tamil and became popular among the people.

Gauri Krishnan and Anaka both played a gay character that no one had ever tried before in the film Makhilini. Also, the film is written and directed by VG Balasubramanian. The film is produced by Trending Entertainment and Gostuba Media Works. Govind Vasantha has composed the music for the film. Madan Karki has written the lyrics. The film is said to have been made entirely in support of homosexuality.

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In this case, the music album of the film Makizhini has been released by Sarikama Original.
Director Balasubramanian has said that in this film we have said many things that are not understood in our society about the so-called LGBT homosexuals. Gauri plays the role of a flower from Chennai and Anaka plays the role of Induja from Delhi. Both of them are obsessed with Bharatanatyam. Thus they meet in one place. Then they fall in love while rehearsing for Bharatanatyam. Then what happens to this? Is the rest of the story of the film.

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And when I spoke to them about the film, they both understood the story and said yes. They have beautifully expressed their performance in the film accordingly. Madan Karki’s lyrics are all wonderfully set to music by Govind Vasantha. Also, I’m glad the album went much higher than I thought. The choreography and cinematography support the film. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Trending Entertainment and Gaustuba Media Works for producing this film. Not only that, he said that he is very happy that Sarikama Originals has released the album Makizhini.


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