Gazprom announced the risk of new delays in payments for gas supplies by Moldova

“Gazprom” received payment from Moldova to pay off the debt for gas for current supplies, the company’s spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov told reporters. At the same time, he noted that the very fact of attracting Moldovan budget funds to pay off the debt speaks of systemic problems, which means that there is a risk of repetition of non-payments.

“The very fact that budget funds were required for payments for gas signals systemic problems in the energy sector of Moldova. This means that the crisis of non-payments may repeat itself. We expect that the Moldovan side will take exhaustive measures to normalize the situation and ensure the stable fulfillment of contractual obligations to Gazprom in full, ”said Kupriyanov (quoted from Prime).

Earlier today, the press service of Moldovagaz reported that Moldova has paid off its debt to Gazprom for gas supplies in October and the first half of November. It was about a debt of $ 74 million, which was formed for the supply of Russian gas in November (at a price of $ 450 per thousand cubic meters) and under a temporary contract in October (over $ 790 per thousand cubic meters).

The Moldovan parliament on November 25 approved a transfer of funds to Gazprom to pay off debts on current gas supplies in October and November.

On November 21, Gazprom notified the Moldovan operator Moldovagaz that it would stop delivering fuel in 48 hours if it did not receive payment due on November 22. Later, the Russian holding agreed to grant a deferral of payment, as the Moldovan side promised to pay on Friday, November 26.



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