Gazprom is ready to extend the contract with Moldova until November if the debt is repaid in two months

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If Moldova pays off its debt to Gazprom for gas for September and October, then the company is ready to extend the contract for November, said the official representative of the company Sergei Kupriyanov. According to him, the amount of debt for the entire period of its accumulation is $ 709 million. If it is not fully repaid, the new agreement will not be signed from December 1, and gas supplies will stop, Mr. Kupriyanov said.

According to a Gazprom representative, the company has already signed a contract with Moldova for October and is ready to “extend the contract for November if the Moldovan side pays in full for the supplies for September and October this year” (quoted by RIA Novosti). Mr. Kupriyanov said that this is how Gazprom meets the buyer halfway.

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