Gazprom threatened Moldova to stop gas supplies in 48 hours

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Gazprom has notified the Moldovan authorities that it will stop supplying gas to the republic in 48 hours if it does not receive payment. At the end of October, Gazprom and Moldavgaz extended the gas agreement.

Gazprom will stop supplying gas to Moldova if it does not receive payment due on November 22, said the company’s spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov. Shipments may end in 48 hours. Gazprom said that it was extremely disappointed with Moldova’s failure to fulfill its obligations.

“Bearing in mind the difficult, very difficult situation in the economic and financial situation of Moldova, guided by the desire to keep Moldova’s ability to pay off its debt obligations towards Gazprom, as well as the position of the Russian President, to whom the Moldovan side has repeatedly asked for assistance, Gazprom it was decided to sign the contract practically on the terms of the Moldovan side, but with an essential and important point: Moldova makes one hundred percent of the current payments for gas on time, “said Mr. Kupriyanov on the air of NTV (quoted by TASS).

“The next deadline for current payments is today November 22. In this regard, today “Gazprom”, in accordance with the contract, notified the Moldovan side that in 48 hours the gas supplies to Moldova will be stopped, ”the company representative said.

In October, Moldova faced a gas shortage amid negotiations with Gazprom to extend the contract. The Moldovan authorities declared a “alarm mode” due to the lack of gas. Then the contract was signed. The cost of gas for the republic is $ 450 per 1,000 cubic meters in November. Under the terms of the contract, gas will rise in price twice as compared to the old formula. In October, Moldova bought gas at the market price – about $ 790 per 1,000 cubic meters.

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