Gazprom to shut down the last Nord Stream turbine for three days

Gazprom will suspend gas pumping using the last operating Nord Stream turbine on August 31 for maintenance and scheduled preventive maintenance, the company’s press service said. In the absence of technical malfunctions, gas pumping will be restored on September 2 to a volume of 33 million cubic meters. m per day.

“In accordance with the technical documentation of Siemens, every 1000 hours it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the unit, which includes: inspection of the casing for cracks, potholes, deformations, burn spots, cleaning the casing; inspection of oil supply systems, air, removal of combustion gases for leaks, broaching of connections and elimination of causes of leaks; checking the safety valves and setting the air flow control system,” the statement said.

Against the backdrop of this news, gas prices in Europe jumped sharply, increasing by 6.8%, follows from the data of the London ICE exchange. The cost of a thousand cubic meters. m has already exceeded $ 2,750 for the first time since March. The record price of gas on the ICE exchange was recorded on March 7, when the cost of a thousand cubic meters. m of gas approached the mark of $3,900 after the start of the NWO on the territory of Ukraine.

Now the volume of gas supplied via Nord Stream to Europe does not exceed 33 million cubic meters. m from the planned 167 million cubic meters. m. Gazprom has been gradually reducing the volume of pumped gas since June due to problems with equipment. Difficulties arose due to the fact that Siemens did not return the turbine for the Portovaya compressor station after repair. Siemens explained that it sent the equipment to Canada for repairs, where it was manufactured. However, due to the imposed sanctions against Russia, it was impossible to deliver the turbine back. As a result, Canada agreed to send the equipment to Germany, and then to Russia. On July 25, Gazprom confirmed that it had received documents for the turbine from Siemens.

On July 29, Vitaly Markelov, deputy head of Gazprom, said that the supply of a turbine from Canada to Germany instead of Russia does not comply with the contract. He also added that “Gazprom” has not received from Siemens a complete package of documents that allow the transportation and repair of engines for the gas pipeline.

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