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The Russian energy company Gazprom will not stop gas supplies to Moldova for the time being due to the debt. This was announced on Wednesday, November 24, by the representative of the corporation Sergey Kupriyanov.

According to him, the Moldovan government is in dialogue with the company. The Moldovan side undertakes to “fully implement current payments on Friday, November 26,” Kupriyanov said. Gazprom firmly counts on Moldova’s absolute fulfillment of its contractual obligations in the future and on paying current payments on time, ”he added.

The issue of payments was worked out with the government of Moldova

Vadim Cheban, the chairman of the board of Moldovagaz, said on November 22 on the air of the Jurnal TV channel that the company had received a warning from Gazprom about the possible termination of supplies in 48 hours if the Russian corporation did not receive payments. According to Cheban, the issue was worked out with the government.

“Now we are talking about the cash gap that we have,” said the head of the Moldovagaz board, adding that the corresponding amount is 1.3 billion lei (about 65 million euros).

“In October, the old tariff for consumers was in effect … Since November 1, the tariff increased, but this was done only on November 10. Therefore, there were difficulties with the payment,” Cheban explained.

The threat of an energy crisis

Against the background of a shortage of gas in European storage facilities, the price of gas for Moldova in September jumped to $ 550 per thousand cubic meters. For comparison: at the beginning of the year it was $ 127 per thousand cubic meters.

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Due to the threat of an energy crisis, the Moldovan authorities declared a state of emergency for 30 days on October 22.

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