Gb, Farage says goodbye to politics: “I reached my goal”

Nigel Farage announces his farewell to politics and his role as leader of the Reform UK Party. “Brexit is done and there is no going back,” Farage said in an interview with the Telegraph. It is not the first time that the former UKIP leader, who co-authored the UK’s exit from the European Union with the Eurosceptic wing of the Tories, announced that he was leaving politics, as happened after his victory in the 2016 Brexit referendum. But this time he assures, “It’s true. I’m done. It’s over. I have achieved the thing I set out to achieve: the independence of the United Kingdom.” While abandoning his role in the new party and active participation in politics, however, Farage does not intend to withdraw from the public debate. 56-year-old Farage promises he won’t spend his afternoons “playing golf”. Rather, it intends to intervene in the national debate on Chinese influence in the UK and on the ongoing cultural clash with those who, from elementary schools to universities, intend to provide young people with “a completely different interpretation of history”.


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