Geco Expo is back, a 3D virtual fair on sustainability

Geco Expo, the 3D virtual sustainability fair, is back. The second edition will take the start between 1-4 March 2022, with a path full of events that will explore 5 thematic areas (Renewable Energy; Sustainable Mobility; Ecofood; Slow and Local Tourism; Circular Economy) with the slogan ‘Green together’. The ambition is in fact that of expand the community attentive to sustainability, doubling the subscribers, which in January 2021 were 4,000, and also looking abroad to create new synergies. Geco Expo will host workshops with successful cases related to sustainable ideas, products and services presented by companies, and round tables on the various thematic areas that will see around eighty experts alternate.

For the first time, books on green topics will also be presented at the fair. And the Smart Talks Contest will be re-proposed, in two different categories: the first for new Startups and research groups linked to universities; the second, for startups with a product already validated by the market.

A contest that last year was won by green entrepreneurial products such as Biova Beer, a beer made by recovering unsold bread to combat food waste; EcoAllene by Ecoplasteam, the non-plastic obtained from the recycling of polylaminate packaging previously impossible to separate, and the Wire & Fiber Cooking Box, which thanks to the wool recovered from breeders, it allows you to cook food at a low temperature. Objective, always and only one: to raise awareness and grow the environmental culture.

Expectations are high. And at the next Geco Expo the aim is to host over 200 exhibitors, 750 buyers, and to double the number of participants at the fair. In the meantime, to prepare the ground, a cycle of business webinars in the name of sustainability has started and, from 18 October to 18 December, Geco for School will be held, an appointment to support high school teachers interested in working with their own students on the theme of the environment, in a virtual space that will allow 10,000 young people to embark on a journey (with stands with interactive contents, tests of various kinds, quizzes to live with their own avatar) designed to develop skills on the Green New Deal.

“Geco Expo was born during the pandemic precisely from the need of companies and buyers to meet despite the lockdowns” explains Daniele Capogna, founder of Geco Expo. “A 100% eco-sustainable platform, able to offer an experience that is very close to reality thanks to avatars. And it is our intention – he assures – to keep ourselves hybrids and not go back to a totally live fair. The way of doing business must be rethought and a partly virtual event not only pollutes less, but is able to cross national borders more easily, exponentially multiplying the number of connections all over the world. This is why we are translating the site into 5 languages ​​”.


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