GeekBrains: more than half of Russians are afraid that the development of AI will lead to job cuts

GeekBrains: more than half of Russians are afraid that the development of AI will lead to job cuts

60% of Russians know, and 27% have at least heard of what artificial intelligence (AI) is, the educational platform GeekBrains found out. Fully trust technology 14% of respondents. 65% believe that people should control AI, and 8% are afraid of its development.

More than 2,000 people across the country aged 18 to 55 participated in the survey. Dates for it are not given.

Among the reasons why respondents are afraid of AI:

  • 58% believe that it will lead to job cuts;
  • 46% think that AI will be able to partially adopt their functionality;
  • 42% are afraid of technical failures;
  • 38% are concerned about problems with the security of personal data;
  • 37% are worried about the reduction in communication between people;
  • 15% are concerned about AI control ability;
  • 11% think that it can lead to the complete disappearance of their professions.

Loss of work is mainly feared by translators (55%), service workers (51%), bank employees (46%), accountants (41%), industrial workers (40%), drivers (37%), couriers (31% ), financial advisors (28%) and auditors (21%).

At the same time, 88% of respondents agreed that AI is the future and it contributes to the development of many industries. In particular, this applies to: information technology (47%), service sector (42%), banking and financial sector (40%), education (37%), science (32%), healthcare (32%), public administration ( 20%) and making court decisions (14%).

85% of respondents would like to understand the technology in more detail, 55% would like to work in the field related to AI. They named the most promising areas: robotics (64%), smart cities (53%), machine learning (40%), games (32%), computer vision (32%), Internet of Things (29%), chat bots (29%), intelligent decision support systems (28%), natural language processing (25%), recommender systems (24%) and machine creativity (15%).

Survey participants are sure that the state should take part in the development of AI. In particular, the authorities need to create and fund technology training programs (53%), provide financial support to private development companies (33%), regulate public relations related to the use of AI (26%), and work on it. promotion (19%). According to respondents, the United States (31%), Japan (27%) and China (19%) succeed in this area, while Russia ranks fourth (9%).

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