Genaro García Luna’s lawyer embarrassed AMLO for evidence related to a journalist

defense of Genaro Garcia Luna involved the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the case that the former secretary is following due to his alleged links with the Sinaloa Cartelafter authorities of USA request to admit evidence on threats to journalists by the accused.

In its in limine motionthe prosecutors of the New York Eastern District Court argued that the former official in the administration of Felipe Calderon harassed who was investigating the alleged crimes of the now accused from the press between 2008 y 2013.

Cesar de CastroGarcía Luna’s lawyer, specified that the person has not been identified, but they have elements to suppose that it is someone who has made multiple accusations from journalism against the former Secretary of Federal Security and now, he does the same with López Obrador.

“The government does not identify the journalist, but we believe that he is a journalist who has been attacking Mr. García Luna for decades with baseless accusations wrapped in journalism,” said the legal representative.

The president asked US prosecutors to reveal the audios which would prove that García Luna threatened key witnesses and bribed journalists.

In particular, he now appears to be making similar claims against Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Previously, the New York prosecutor had indicated that Genaro Garcia Luna subjected a journalist to a campaign of persecution and threats as a result of their investigations that pointed out the alleged corruption of the then official with the narco.

The government is trying to present evidence about allegations made by a journalist in Mexico of his belief that Mr. García Luna, through others, threatened her in some way.

Cesar de Castro He added that the case of his representative has been the subject of multiple government references, in apparent accusations for mentions during the morning conferences of President López Obrador.

Genaro García Luna would have been one of the main officials behind the start of Felipe Calderón's drug war, said Raymundo Riva Palacio. PHOTO: MOISÉS PABLO /CUARTOSCURO.COM
Genaro García Luna would have been one of the main officials behind the start of Felipe Calderón’s drug war, said Raymundo Riva Palacio. PHOTO: MOISÉS PABLO /CUARTOSCURO.COM

The lawyer argued that Garcia Luna has generated various journalistic notes in recent years. In particular, mentions of who they have identified would take a substantial amount of time to review, and prosecutors have provided no findings related to the so-called harassment campaign.

However, the recent response did not elaborate on the alleged bribe offered in 2009 or 2010 to a media outlet to prevent journalists from the organization from publishing negative stories about García Luna.

The former secretary’s defense asked the judge Brian M. Cogan two additional weeks to respond to the prosecutors’ request or, at least, until next July 13. They intend to show that the evidence they want to be admitted is not supported.

In a two-page letter, García Luna’s representation added that if the authorities’ motion is accepted, the trial, which is already long and complex, would be prolonged. Mainly, they assure that the unreliability of the audios that, presumably, incriminate the accused will be demonstrated.

Foto: REUTERS / Jane Rosenberg
Foto: REUTERS / Jane Rosenberg

While in their petition, prosecutors claim that the defendant conspired to obstruct justice by planning the murder of two possible witnesses: Jesus Reynaldo Zambada Garciabrother of Ismael Zambada Garcia, the Mayoand leaders of Sinaloa Cartel; as well as the alleged execution of Luis Cardenas Palominowho was under the command of the accused in the extinct Federal police and is implicated in the same investigations.

But the lawyers responded that the material on this evidence consists of over 500 hours of largely inaudible recordings or they cannot be clearly distinguished and most are statements made by an informant and not by García Luna.

“There are no corresponding line sheets or summaries of the recordings, and the government has only provided us with transcripts of a handful of conversations,” the defense complained.

They also indicated that listening to so much audio time has been exhausting, as they must address various aspects to concentrate on the charges filed. However, they intend to reveal that there is no credibility of the informant who detected contracts to use the Russian mafia and eliminate those who could testify, even when Genaro Garcia Luna he was already in prison.


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