Gender neutrality will pave the way for free sex, says League

Kozhikode: In the name of gender neutrality, the Muslim League has said that the new proposal to keep older children together in classrooms without distinction between boys and girls is not acceptable. It is more of a moral issue than a religious one. Muslim League General Secretary in charge PMA said that parents are worried. Salam said

“The League’s attempt is to prevent free sex through gender neutrality. If gender neutrality is implemented, students who come out of schools will lose their way. This is part of the mysterious evil intentions of liberalism. Such things should be urgently withdrawn from the proposals for curriculum reform.” He said.

Muslim League The gender-neutral discussion took place in a joint meeting of Muslim League high-powered committee members and state office-bearers. This will be brought to the attention of the government. “It will distract from studies. Those who wear uniforms here and there, girls’ uniforms and boys there, all religions are against gender neutrality. Gender neutrality will have a big impact on the society. Instead of imposing men’s clothes on women, let men respect women by wearing women’s clothes?” Salam asked.

Content Highlights: Gender neutrality will pave the way to free sex says Muslim league


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