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The 51-year-old actor, who plays Jason Morgan, confirmed the news in a video on his Instagram page

The confirmation came directly from Steve Burton in a video posted on his Instagram page: the actor was made out of the soap “General Hospital” (in a literal sense, given that his character – Jason Morgan – died following the collapse of a tunnel in the last episode) because he refused to be vaccinated against Covid. «I know that there have been many rumors and speculations about myself and about“ General Hospital ”- said the 51-year-old Burton in the clip, addressing the fans – and I wanted you to know it from me. Unfortunately, “General Hospital” made me leave due to the compulsory vaccination ».

In recent months in Hollywood they have been forced to become much more rigorous on vaccines, in compliance with government regulations, not welcoming not even medical and religious exemptionshowever, a road that the actor himself had tried in vain to take. “I applied for exemption for medical and religious reasons, but both were denied, which offends me – said Burton in the continuation of the social video – but here it’s also about my personal freedom. I believe that no one should lose their livelihood for this. That said, I will always be grateful for the time I spent on the soap “General Hospital”, because I grew up there ».

Waiting to see what the future will bring, the actor thanked fans for their constant and ongoing support and then hinted that it may even return to the soap in the future. “Maybe someday, if these vaccination obligations are lifted, I can come back and finish my career as Jason Morgan. It would be an honour. If not, I will still treasure this extraordinary experience and go on ».

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