Geneticist dispels the myth about the effect of coronavirus on DNA: “This is nonsense”

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According to the scientist, COVID-19 is not able to change it

A new type of coronavirus infection cannot affect human DNA. This was stated by geneticist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Evgeny Lilin.

In an interview with, the scientist said that repair (DNA restoration) is such a powerful process that no side effects (for example, a virus) affect the germ cells.

The interlocutor of the publication explained that if the germ cells were influenced, then as a result of previous epidemics, humanity would have already changed.

Even radiation does not significantly affect DNA repair systems, Lilin shared the details. The geneticist referred to a study by Japanese scientists, which states that survivors after irradiation produce healthy offspring without abnormalities.

“Therefore, no virus, no matter how much we make noise on the subject” what if “, will not change DNA. This is nonsense,” the professor summed up.


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