Geometric Future M8 Dharma Chassis Has Plenty of Interior Space – Yespick – Hot News YesNews

Geometric Future M8 Dharma Chassis Has Plenty of Interior Space – Yespick – Hot News YesNews

In 2022, I have installed a lot of chassis. To summarize, some of the ITX small chassis are very creative, and the space can be further compressed through various forms, and most of the changes in the mid-tower chassis are in appearance. However, a mid-tower case installed last weekend is a bit interesting. This case is the Geometric Future M8 Dharma. Despite its unremarkable appearance, some of the interior designs are indeed ingenious, and it can be said to be the most distinctive mid-tower case I have installed this year.

In addition to using a geometric future chassis, the fans and water cooling of the whole machine are also from this brand. But I have to say that the packaging of the chassis, water cooling, and fans is a bit different, and it doesn’t feel like something from the same brand.Where to buy Biliji / Biliji genuine / Biliji effect / Biliji / Biliji p-force / Biliji side effects / India Biliji blue P Biliji experience


Let’s talk about the chassis first. The version I installed this time is the Model 8 Black Gold Dharma Limited Edition. As the name suggests, the colors are black and gold.

In terms of material, the shell is anodized aluminum alloy, the interior is steel plate, and the two sides are glass baffles, of which the golden decorative strips are placed above the glass baffles.

The I/O area of ​​the chassis is set at the top, which can be said to be very rich, with 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 interfaces, in addition to a pair of 3.5mm headphone microphone interfaces and a Type-C interface. Cialis 5mg daily tablet|Cialis 5mg where to buy|Cialis 5mg genuine|Cialis 5mg||Cialis 5mg online shopping| Cialis 5mg buy|

The rear of the Geometric Future M8 Dharma chassis is different from most of the chassis on the market. There is no reserved I/O port for the motherboard, no PCIe slot port, but a large-area hollow mesh design, which can be used to install cold radiators. and a fan.

The fixing screws of the tempered glass baffles on both sides of the tail are also custom designed, which are somewhat different from the traditional round screws.

The bottom of the chassis is a magnetic detachable dust filter, but the front and back are sealed, and it does not support pulling, so if you want to clean the dust, you can only put the chassis down or tilt the chassis slightly, and remove the dust filter with your bare hands. , this design is a bit cumbersome. After all, the weight of this chassis + accessories is not light. India Leweizhuang, Leweizhuang 20mg, India Leweizhuang 20mg, where to buy India Leweizhuang, Leweizhuang,

In terms of accessories, the chassis is also a bit interesting: the first is that there is no paper manual, but there is a QR code, which can be scanned directly to view the PDF installation document; the second is that the power cord is distributed, but in fact the power cord is actually a power extension Of course, some friends come with a long power cord and can actually do not need an extension cord. This design feels a little better than Josper. In addition, there are accessories such as screw bags, magic cable ties, and line cards.

As a large mid-tower case, the Geometric Future M8 Dharma case has ample interior space. The maximum support E-ATX motherboard, the maximum height of the CPU radiator is 170mm, the maximum length of the graphics card is 400mm, the maximum support for 7 120mm fans, and 420mm water cooling.

Of course, the internal structure is also the biggest innovation of the Geometric Future M8 Dharma chassis. Some friends may not understand the interface diagram, so here I also draw the main accessories diagram of the host.

It can be seen that the power supply is placed in front of the chassis; the motherboard is designed to be flipped 90°; the graphics card is also installed vertically, so the chassis uses a vertical air duct. I remember that the SilverStone Raven Case 2 from many years ago had a similar design.

Of course, some friends may be a little unfamiliar with the above layout, but in fact, as long as the chassis is rotated 90° to the right, you will find that the layout of this chassis seems familiar, is it a very standard mid-tower chassis with a power supply installed on it? design? In other words, the Geometric Future M8 Dharma chassis uses the “space flipping technique”.

Because of the unique internal structure, the I/O baffle and PCIe card slot of the motherboard are on the top of the chassis, which can be seen by disassembling the dust filter on the top.

The space for the power supply compartment is not small, and it can support a power supply with a length of up to 220mm.

The other side of the chassis has reserved a lot of hard disk slots. Unlike the traditional case, the Geometric Future M8 Dharma case does not have a specific hard disk compartment. Whether it is a 3.5-inch hard disk or a 2.5-inch hard disk, it is installed externally, so the space distance of the back line is also reserved. Large, reaching 29mm.

In terms of expanding the hard disk space, the Geometric Future M8 Dharma chassis has 4 hard disk positions by default, and can expand up to 6 hard disk positions. Up to six 2.5-inch hard drives or three 3.5-inch hard drives and three 2.5-inch hard drives can be installed, which is more than enough for ordinary users.

Water cooling:

The Geometric Future Eskimo 36 neon water-cooled packaging is brighter. There are two versions of black and white on the color matching. This time I got black.

Out of the box is very simple, with a separate design for the cold exhaust and fan, and there is an accessory box.

And it can be seen that the design of the water-cooled head cover is very simple, the surface is a curved design, and the interior is the abbreviation of the Geometric Future brand English logo.

Accessories include clips for each platform, RGB, fan cables and controllers.

Geometric Future Eskimo 36 Neon Water Cooler is equipped with its own brand of fan, the model is Dragon Scale 2505B, the maximum speed is 2000RPM, the air volume is 91.3CFM, the wind pressure reaches 4.28mmH2O, and the fan noise is only 35.06dB(A). The performance is very powerful.

At the same time, I personally think that the design of the fan is also very cool. The inner wall around the fan is covered with textures similar to dragon scales, which looks eye-catching. It is reported that these inner walls are made of soft rubber material, not only for good looks, but also to reduce the noise of the fan at high speed.

The size of the cold head of the Little Eskimo 36W Neon is 78mm×78mm×53mm, and the size of its copper base reaches 55mm×55mm. The large-area copper base can completely cover the surface of the high-end processor and can efficiently conduct the heat of the processor. Its internal water pump adopts ceramic bearing, which has the characteristics of long life and low noise. Its maximum speed is 2800RPM, and the noise is less than 30dB(A).

Introduction of installed accessories:

The installed hardware is as follows:

Motherboard: MSI MPG Z690 EDGE TI WIFI DDR4

Memory: ADATA XPG D50 White 16GB 3600MHz*2

Radiator: Geometric Future Eskimo 36 Neon Water Cooling

Hard disk: aigo P7000 1TB + Lexar NM800 1TB

Graphics Card: MSI RTX3090

Chassis: Geometric Future Model8 Black Gold Dharma Limited Edition

Fan: Geometric Future Dragon Scale 2505B*4

I believe that many friends are familiar with the i7-12700K, so I won’t introduce it further. Anyway, the price/performance ratio of the scattered chips is very good; the matching motherboard is MSI MPG Z690 DDR4 Blade Titanium. Both the material and the appearance are very good. As far as power supply is concerned, this motherboard can easily meet the overclocking of i7-12700K, because it adopts a direct-connected 16+1+1-phase power supply design, and the maximum input current of each phase is 75A, which does not require complicated settings. Overclock the P core of the i7-12700K to 5GHz and the E core to 4GHz. As for the M.2 slot, the motherboard also has 4 groups, and all of them support PCIe 4.0, so both my SSDs can run at full speed.

In order to match the memory with the motherboard, I use ADATA XPG D50 white 16GB 3600MHz*2. The memory uses Micron particles, and the single capacity is 16GB. After XMP is turned on, the frequency is 3600MHz. After overclocking, it can work stably at 4000MHz.

I also modified it with stickers to make it an MSI custom version.

The solid state uses all domestic brands, all of which are PCIe4.0 solid state. Among them, aigo P7000 is a new product. Its main control is the very popular Phison PS5018-E18. It has also been evaluated before, and its performance is good. As for the Lexar NM800’s IG5236 master controller, the actual performance is also remarkable.

In order to ensure the high-load operation of the overclocked i7-12700K and MSI RTX3090 graphics card, the power supply I used is MSI MPG A1000G, which has a rated power of 1000W, has passed the 80 PLUS gold certification, and has a conversion efficiency of over 90%. Japanese capacitors, full module design.

In terms of specific specifications, the +5V and +3.3V DC outputs of the MSI MPG A1000G power supply are 22A and the power is 120W; while the +12V DC output is 83.5A and the power is 1000W.

It is worth mentioning that the module line of the power supply is also specially adapted to the RTX3090Ti, and there are 3 PCIe 8-pin power supply module lines specially designed for the 12VHPWR power supply interface.


The pre-installation of the Geometric Future Model8 Black Gold Dharma Limited Edition is not complicated. For example, the installation of the power supply and the motherboard is a routine operation, but it is recommended to reserve the CPU power supply cable in advance before installing the motherboard.

The installation of the fan at the bottom is also relatively smooth.

As for the biggest difficulty in the installation of the chassis, it is actually in the water cooling, especially the installation of the cold row.

Geometric Future Model 8 Black Gold Dharma Limited Edition has a very ingenious design, that is, the water-cooled water pipe is externally installed, and the cold row is installed at the bottom of the chassis, so that the most beautiful wiring effect can be achieved.

However, the installation of the cold row is not directly inserted, but fixed by two tracks and then inserted, which is a tedious step that tests the patience of the user. Anyway, I personally think that the installation experience will be better if it is plugged directly into it. Later, I learned from the brand that this design is to be compatible with 12/14mm fans. The bracket can be turned over to install a 14cm fan/water cooling, which is flexible and changeable, and is also compatible with the aesthetics of the cooling holes on the rear panel.

The effect diagram of the whole machine after installation:

Display of lighting effects.

Desktop matching effect:

The monitor I use is MSI MPG ARTYMYS 343CQR Luna, which is a curved design with a curvature of 1000R, a ratio of 21:9, a size of 34 inches, a Samsung VA panel, a resolution of 3440*1440, and a screen refresh rate of 165Hz. It’s also one of the most comfortable monitors I’ve ever used. The computer table is a co-branded Gundam gaming table with Aofeng, which is also full of Gundam elements.

Display of lights off.

Simple performance + copy machine test:

In terms of performance, of course, the host has nothing to say. For example, the popular Master Lu has a running score of 2.31 million, beating 99% of the users in the country.

The 3DMARK Time Spy score is 18510, of which the graphics card score is 18828 and the CPU score is 16898.

The 3DMARK Time Spy Extreme score is 9335, of which the graphics card score is 9592 and the CPU score is 8106.

As for the performance of the copy machine, the performance of the whole machine is also very pleasant.

At room temperature of 27°C, the core voltage of the i7-12700K (P-core 5G, E-core 4G) is 1.278V, the power is 235W, and the CPU temperature is also suppressed to 87°C through AIDA64 single-baked FPU.

The graphics card is also copied through FurMark, and it can be seen that the power consumption of the MSI GeForce RTX 3090 VENTUS 3X 24G graphics card is close to 330W, and the graphics card’s GPU temperature remains at 77°C for 10 minutes of copying time. This also shows that Geometric Future’s combination of chassis, water cooling and fans is very good.


After a detailed hands-on installation experience, the Geometric Future Model8 Black Gold Dharma Limited Edition chassis is indeed outstanding. Although the appearance is simple (some people even think it is a stuffy tank), the unique internal design brought by the “space flipping technique” is indeed very impressive. Interesting, especially with the support of the vertical air duct, the heat dissipation performance of the whole machine is also remarkable, but the installation of the cold radiator can be further simplified. As for the performance of the little eskimo 36 neon water cooling, it is also surprising, and it is also suitable for players who like to overclock.


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