German Foreign Ministry recommended its citizens to leave Ukraine

The German Foreign Ministry recommended that German citizens leave Ukraine if their stay in the country is not mandatory. The agency posted the warning on its website on Saturday.

“If you are currently in Ukraine, then consider whether your stay there is necessary. If not, then leave as soon as possible, ”the message says.

The Foreign Ministry also said in a statement that tensions in relations between Russia and Ukraine are growing against the backdrop of “the massive presence and movement of Russian military units near the borders of Ukraine.” In Germany, they believe that a military conflict is not ruled out.

On January 24, the US State Department ordered the families of employees of the US embassy in Kiev to leave Ukraine and allowed some of the diplomats to voluntarily leave the country. Washington explained this decision by the alleged threat of Russia’s invasion of the territory of the republic. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called the US decision a premature step and a manifestation of excessive precaution.

Also, due to the “growing threat from Russia”, the United Kingdom began to take out part of the embassy staff in Kiev, and Australia, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, called on the relatives of its diplomats in Kiev to leave Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has decided to optimize the staffing of foreign missions in Ukraine due to fears of possible provocations by Kiev or third countries, official representative of the department Maria Zakharova also said today.


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