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The conflict between the West and the Russian Federation threatens German-Russian business relations, said the Eastern Committee of the German Economy (Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft). On Monday, January 17, against the backdrop of the visit of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock to Kiev and Burbock’s upcoming trip to Moscow, the lobbying organization called for continued dialogue with Russia on resolving the political crisis and on other issues, in particular on joint measures to combat change climate.

Hermes: political conflict causes uncertainty in business circles

According to the head of the Eastern Committee Oliver Hermes (Oliver Hermes), growing tensions with Russia are causing significant uncertainty in German business circles and could slow down the planned investment. “This is the last thing we need now, given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the upcoming challenges to overcome climate change,” said Hermes.

He also noted that the expansion of economic cooperation, business contacts and continued dialogue “could help reduce tensions and generate economic impulses.” At the same time, the head of the lobbying organization called Ukraine and Russia important partners in the transition to alternative energy sources in Germany and the European Union. Ukraine has great potential to become an exporter of “green” energy, and Russia, with the help of gas supplies, ensures the security of energy supply during the transition of Germany from the use of coal and nuclear energy, Oliver Hermes explained.

Burbock’s visit to Kiev

On the same day, the German Foreign Minister paid a visit to Ukraine. In Kiev, she called for a diplomatic solution to the conflict with the Russian Federation, calling this way “the only real way to defuse the current extremely dangerous situation.”

Speaking about the threat of Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, Burbock noted that “any renewal of aggression will have a high price” and that no country has the right to dictate to another which alliances to join. At the same time, she stressed that Germany “is ready for a serious dialogue with Russia.”

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