German posted workers do not receive any vaccinations

Expats have a dubious reputation. Allegedly they lie by the pool during the day, telephone the headquarters in Germany in the morning or evening and otherwise let workers in the foreign factories toil for themselves.

Christoph Hein

Business correspondent for South Asia / Pacific based in Singapore.

The truth is different. Enormous adaptability, independent action and mental and physical health are required. But that is now at risk: Germany does not want to provide its posted workers with good vaccines. Flying home to get vaccinated is often not an option, the sending countries usually have far too few and bad vaccines themselves, and employers are not allowed to buy any.

This means that dispatched technicians or managers are caught in the trap of the unvaccinated while the infection rates skyrocket. If only they got good vaccines from their distant homeland, a two-class society of foreigners and local workers would emerge in the factories. The solution must be to let companies in Germany buy vaccines for everyone. You are ready to pay for it.



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