Germany: A new wave of rise in prices for goods and products is coming

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The cost of energy resources is steadily creeping up, grocery shopping is becoming more and more expensive. In the next few months, supermarkets should expect significant increases in commodity prices.

According to the BILD, many manufacturers are currently fighting heavy battles with large retail chains. Giants such as Nestle (Maggi, Wagner-Pizza) or Henkel (Persil, Somat) want prices to rise more than 10%. A price shock is possible even in the pasta industry. According to the Lebensmittelzeitung, some manufacturers are planning surcharges of 19% (Birkel) and 25% (Buitoni).

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reports that the Swedish group Essity, which owns the Zewa and Tempo brands, wants to set a premium on its products of at least five percent.

The reason for all this is the jump in raw material prices. As noted, on average for the year, sugar, grain, etc. have risen in price by 40%. Recently, for example, the Tchibo coffee roaster started charging 14% more for certain products. German retailers such as Edeka and Rewe are protesting against manufacturers’ demands. According to the BILD, there is no way companies can come to an agreement, there is a possibility of a boycott.

Consumer advocates are alarmed. “Healthy eating shouldn’t be a matter of the wallet,” said Bernhard Burdick of the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Protection Society. He insists, among other things, on the abolition of VAT on fruits and vegetables.

Representatives of the CDU believe that the topic of high inflation should be included in the agenda of the coalition talks. “The next federal government is obliged to take this problem under control and should not do anything that could intensify the wave of price increases,” said Bundestag deputy from the CDU Johannes Steiniger.

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SPD expert Johannes Fechner: “The question of how you can take the burden off citizens with low and middle incomes will become part of the coalition negotiations.”

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