Germany: Afghan refugees temporarily housed in Giessen

57 Afghan refugees flying from Tashkent to England were unable to get on their flight from Frankfurt am Main airport due to the lack of documents required to enter.

According to Welt an Sonntag on September 12, Afghans who arrived from Tashkent and made a transfer at Frankfurt am Main airport were not allowed to fly further because they did not have all the documents necessary to enter England. Those traveling from Afghanistan to England were forced to stop indefinitely in the German city of Giessen.

The British Embassy in Germany explained to the journalists of the publication that “the entry into the United Kingdom for all persons entitled to this will be organized as soon as possible.”

In turn, the official representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the federal state of Hesse noted that 20 men, 19 women and 18 children from Afghanistan were placed in a temporary residence center in the city of Giessen. How long they will stay there is not yet clear. According to a ministry spokesman, the Afghans were received “for humanitarian reasons.”

After the seizure of power in Afghanistan by militants of the radical Islamist Taliban movement, thousands of Afghans fled their country.

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