Germany brings 2,600 people from Afghanistan

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The Federal Ministry of the Interior has issued a residence permit for a good 2,600 human rights activists, artists, scientists, journalists and other potentially endangered people from Afghanistan. This means that these people as well as their partners and children receive a residence permit for Germany, so they do not have to apply for asylum. A corresponding promise was given on Tuesday for all people whose names are on the “human rights list” of the Federal Foreign Office, said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The only requirement is that there are no safety concerns.

The majority of these people are currently not in Germany, said the spokeswoman for the Federal Foreign Office, Maria Adebahr, on Wednesday in Berlin. The government’s crisis response center is working to help Germans, former local staff and other people in need of protection to leave Afghanistan and continue their journey to Germany – either by land via neighboring countries or with civil flights, as was most recently possible via Qatar.

The situation in Afghanistan currently seems to be characterized by tense calm. British media reports are contradictory: the BBC reports of disputes within the Taliban leadership. The Guardian, on the other hand, interviewed a Taliban leader who said the West should come back – albeit with donations, not weapons. The pro-government Turkish newspaper Sabah reports that individual Taliban have expressed the wish to forge a close relationship with Ankara.

In the state-run Russian news agency Tass, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is quoted as saying that Moscow is still in contact with the Taliban in order to ensure stability in the region. Lavrov said that while no country has yet recognized the Taliban as a legitimate government, there is consensus on the need to keep talks with the Taliban. The Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization called on the world community to aid Afghanistan. (BLZ with dpa)

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