Germany: CDU to hold elections for new party chairman

After the failure of the elections in Bundestag CDU elects new leader.

There are currently three candidates running for the post: Friedrich Merz, Helge Braun and Norbert Röttgen. But not all three enjoy the same support from the people of Germany. The poll showed who keeps the lead in the sympathies of the Germans.

After the official announcement of three candidates about their desire to run for the presidency of the CDU, the survey of voters was carried out by the research center Infratest dimap commissioned by RND. According to its results, it turned out that almost every second supporter of Christian Democrats sees Friedrich Merz at the head of the party.

Merz’s candidacy for the post of head of the CDU was supported by 48% of the supporters of Christian Democrats. Foreign policy expert Norbert Röttgen received much fewer votes – 20%. In third place in popularity was the head of the Chancellery Helge Braun – 14%. Another 18% of respondents said that at the moment they do not want or cannot support any of the three applicants. It turned out that one of the candidates collected more votes from the party’s supporters than the other two combined. Merz became the most popular of the three candidates and among the rest of the voters who are not explicit supporters of the CDU. 30% of respondents from this category would like to see him at the head of the party. Norbert Röttgen was able to get support from 22% of those surveyed, and Helge Braun – 12%. But more than 36% of poll participants who do not vote for Christian Democrats did not dare to speak out for their possible leader either.

This week, all three contenders for the leadership position presented themselves to party members. The performance was held online. On December 4, more than 400,000 party members will be polled on this matter. And on January 21, 2022, a party conference of 1001 delegates will decide who is the most worthy.

It was originally planned that the conference would take place in Hanover. But on November 26 it became known that the meeting would take place in a virtual format. Due to the active spread of the coronavirus, the CDU decided not to risk the health of its members. The party’s federal executive committee has decided to hold an online presidential election. After that, conference delegates must confirm their choice by mail.

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