Germany: City of the Vaccinated – Brandenburg

The Brandenburg authorities decided to follow the example of Berlin and enter with monday rule 2G to visit most places.

Against the background of an increase in new cases of infection and following the example of other states, Brandenburg imposes strict restrictions on unvaccinated residents. The 2G rule will apply in almost all areas of life, with rare exceptions. The federal state government has adopted a new regulation to prevent the spread of COVID. At a special meeting, it decided to tighten protection measures against coronavirus. To access most establishments, residents will have to present a vaccination certificate or a certificate of recovery. This is reported by Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten. “We are in a real emergency. We have a choice: either 2G regulation or isolation for everyone, ”Prime Minister of Brandenburg Dietmar Voitke said after the meeting in Potsdam.

The regulation will come into force on Monday, November 15th and will replace the old rules. Its action will last until December 5. Also, from Monday, the 2G rule will necessarily apply in Brandenburg to restaurants, pubs, theaters and cinemas, nightclubs and discos, casinos and gaming halls, health centers, festivals and all entertainment events. It concerns visitors, but the unvaccinated staff of all these establishments are required to take COVID tests every day and wear a mask at work at all times. The personal data of all visitors will be recorded. Unvaccinated people are prohibited from traveling on buses and excursions, boating, indoor contact sports, and without a COVID vaccination, access to brothels is closed on Monday.

The 2G restrictions do not apply to children under 12 years old, since they cannot get vaccinated against coronavirus, the government also decided to exclude teenagers under 18 years old and people who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons. If everything is clear with the latter, then the exclusion of adolescents was explained by the Minister of Health of Brandenburg, Ursula Nonnemacher. The head of the local Ministry of Health said that few children under 18 have received proposals for vaccination – less than a third, so they made a relaxation for the age group. However, the unvaccinated must provide a negative test to enter the institution, and adults must also wear FFP2 masks.

The 2G rule of the new regulation does not apply to visitors to holiday homes, campgrounds, holiday apartments, motorhome parking lots. Service stations, branded canteens and takeaways are also not subject to restrictions. For body care establishments such as hairdressing salons in Brandenburg, the 3G rule will be in effect from Monday, unlike Berlin, the same goes for Christmas markets with an attendance of up to 1000 people. At Christmas markets, organizers can choose the 2G model they wish.

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