Germany: Flu Shot As Important As Coronavirus Shot

To avoid overloading healthcare systems, the European Commission is urging citizens of EU countries to actively get vaccinated against influenza.

Since in some EU member states only a small part of the population is vaccinated against this viral disease, and in connection with the approaching cold season, the European Commission strongly recommends immunization against influenza so that there is no double pandemic.

“We are on the verge of a transition from fall to winter, which is a time of year that is characterized by surges in respiratory diseases, including seasonal flu and, of course, COVID-19. Therefore, we have a responsibility to prevent overloading our health systems, ”said EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides. According to her, groups at risk for developing severe forms of COVID-19 are also most susceptible to influenza. “When two viruses are circulating, we must do everything to avoid a possible double pandemic of COVID-19 and influenza,” said the EU health commissioner.

Nonetheless, Stella Kyriakides stressed that when it comes to influenza vaccination, there are “huge” differences between EU member states. “In some Member States, for example, almost 70% of all older people are vaccinated, while in others less than 10%,” she explained.

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