Germany, Italy cooperate closely on energy security, refugee system | Europe

Germany, Italy cooperate closely on energy security, refugee system |  Europe

2023-06-09 08:59:08

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and his counterpart Olaf Scholz. (Source: decode39)

On June 8, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni held talks with his German counterpart Olaf Scholz, who is visiting Rome, in which the two sides pledged to cooperate more closely in enhancing energy security and regulating energy. refugee system of the European Union (EU).

The Italian government statement said that at the meeting, the two leaders focused on discussing migration issues, energy security and EU budgetary rules.

The two sides also pledged to further cooperate to enhance energy security by improving industrial efficiency, diversifying sources, building gas and hydrogen pipelines, and accelerating the development of renewable energy sources.

On migration, Italy and Germany have agreed to work together towards a common European approach to solving migration issues. Italy, has long been the front line of Migration wave from North Africa and the Middle East, with about 52,000 people arriving in the country so far this year, are calling on other EU member states to join hands to share the burden and limit the departure of migrants. to protect EU border.”

Prime Minister Meloni expressed hope to be able to protect the interests of all countries, of which reaching a solution is a priority, but also need to pay attention to the interests of countries that are under a lot of pressure. best.

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Scholz stressed that Italy should not be left alone to deal with the influx of migrants, facing challenges as the number of people arriving at the border increases.

The German chancellor called on the EU to adopt an approach of solidarity and responsibility, saying that a European solution should include a “legal corridor for qualified people.”

Chancellor Scholz said EU countries need to share solutions to the migrant problem and stressed that Germany has been doing its part.

Economically, the two Prime Ministers committed to pursuing reform of the EU’s stability treaty, agreed to introduce more flexible rules in the European Stability and Growth Pact (SGP), change the obsolete with new rules, which set limits on government budget deficits and measures of public debt as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

This is the second meeting of the two leaders Italy and Germany after a meeting on the sidelines of the G7 Summit in Japan. Italy is a reliable partner of Germany and the two sides have close relations at international forums.

The two prime ministers agreed to strengthen bilateral dialogue through an Italy-Germany joint action plan, which is expected to be considered at the next intergovernmental summit in Germany later this year.

The two countries aim to forge a treaty, which will strengthen the long tradition of friendship, exchange and joint work. This treaty, once signed, could lead to the strengthening of multifaceted cooperation, as well as institutional relations between Italy and Germany.

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