Germany: Memorial plaque to German anti-fascist unveiled in Bremen

The contribution of German anti-fascists to the liberation of Germany from Nazism is enormous. One of the prominent figures of the German resistance was Kete Popal, née Kete Fürst. On July 20, at the cemetery in Bremen-Osterholz, a solemn event took place on the occasion of the installation of a memorial plaque in memory of the antifascist, the first female senator of the city of Bremen, Kete Popall, née Kete Fürst.

The event was attended by the burgomaster of Bremen Andreas Bovenschulte, the deputy of the Bundestag D. Ahelwilm (Left Party), the vice-consul of the General Consulate of Russia in Hamburg S.A. Loginov.

In his speech, the burgomaster of Bremen, Andreas Bovenschulte, emphasized the importance of preserving the memory not only of Ket Popall, but also of other anti-fascists and heroes of the resistance. They made a huge contribution to the liberation of Germany and Europe from the brown plague.

S. Loginov also addressed those gathered at the event, noting that the culture of preserving memory is acquiring special significance in modern Europe, a period when in some states there is a rehabilitation of Nazism and a systematic line is being pursued to revise the results of the Second World War, including the glorification of individual units of the Hitlerite Wehrmacht and local collaborators.

Based on materials from the Hamburg Constitutional Court.

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