Germany, Merkel: Italian future. Important assignment in Turin for her husband

Merkel, the future of Italy. Important assignment in Turin for her husband

For the chancellor Angela Merkel there is no break. The elections in Germany have stalled and without a political agreement between parties with very different ideas, it will be difficult to form a government. But diplomatic sources confirm – reads the Corriere della Sera – that the chancellor will be in Rome next Thursday, October 7, for the farewell from Mario Draghi and the Pope. It is the first appointment of a final tour, which will take her to other European cities , including of course Paris. But the one with the prime minister will not be just a farewell dinner with old friends. Before going to a Roman restaurant, there will in fact be talks at Palazzo Chigi, in which Merkel and Draghi will talk about the future of Europe and bilateral relations.

Meanwhile, from the magazine Focus – continues the Corriere – we learn that Angela Merkel’s husband, Professor Joachim Sauer, an internationally renowned quantum chemist, has taken on a new post at the University of Turin, where he was visiting professor since June. This will ensure that Sauer will spend a lot of time in the Piedmontese capital as early as the next few weeks. An “Italian” future is expected for Angela Merkel.


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