Germany, Merkel takes a step back on the lockdown

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The German Chancellor Angela Merkel takes a step back on the lockdown for Easter. After making the decision to impose even more restrictive measures, which was overwhelmed by countless criticisms, Merkel changed her mind and turned around. From what we learn from the talks he had with the Laender premieres, the heads of the regional governments exponents of the Union parties (CDU / CSU) have expressed full solidarity and support for the Chancellor.

The Bavarian premier and leader of the CSU, Markus Soeder expressed “respect” for the declaration of Merkel while the Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer he went a step further: “The responsibility rests with everyone, not just the Chancellor,” he said.

Merkel told attendees that the agreement reached at the meeting on Monday that most of the stores they had to remain closed and the meetings were to be even more limited in the Easter period from 1 to 5 April it will not be implemented. Criticism of the deal had centered on the fact that the key elements of the plan remained unclear.

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