Germany: Sanctions against SP-2 called suicidal

Imposing sanctions on Russian gas would be suicidal for Europe.

This was stated by German political scientist Alexander Rahr, commenting on the decision of the German government to suspend the certification of Nord Stream 2. According to him, no one will close Russia’s way to Europe, they are simply trying to temporarily punish them with sanctions. The last word about the gas pipeline is not said. “And according to the wording used by Olaf Scholz, it is clear that this is a temporary measure,” the specialist explained. The political scientist suggested that Berlin’s actions regarding Nord Stream 2 would not affect the situation, since the gas pipeline had not yet been put into operation. He stressed that the European Union needs supplies of blue fuel from Russia. “No one will interfere with gas supplies, because Europe desperately needs additional volumes of gas from the Russian Federation,” Rahr said in an interview with Evening Moscow, which is published by the website.

Alexander Rahr noted that the gas storages are half empty and need to be filled urgently. No one will impose sanctions against Russian gas, this is “suicidal,” the political scientist noted. He added that Germany’s actions are an attempt to “save face”. At the same time, they understand that Russian counter-sanctions can be very tough.

The head of the German Bundestag committee on climate and energy, Klaus Ernst, criticized the government’s statement about the suspension of the certification of Nord Stream 2 against the backdrop of Russia’s recognition of the independence of the DPR and LPR. Ernst said that he considers the decision of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to be hypocritical, because the United States has recently increased oil imports from Russia. “I have not heard that they are somehow limited,” the deputy emphasized in an interview with RBC.

Ernst added that the decision on Nord Stream 2 would lead to higher gas prices in Germany. The country will either have to buy American LNG at high prices, or Russian gas, which enters the country through other gas pipelines. “It will still be Russian gas, no matter what pipeline it goes through. However, the gas that comes through Ukraine is more expensive, because it charges a transit fee, which, in the end, the German consumer must pay,” the MP concluded. Klaus Ernst noted that he considers this decision of the government “problematic”, since such a measure also affects Europe, that the launch of the gas pipeline would have a positive impact on more than ten countries.

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