Germany: The 3G Rule in the Workplace

Acting Labor Minister Hubertus Heil warns unvaccinated Germans of lost wages.

In an interview, the politician made it clear that with the entry into force of the 3G rule in the workplace, there will be financial implications for unvaccinated people without daily testing: “People must be vaccinated. Starting next week, everyone who comes to the workplace must prove that he or she has been vaccinated or has already been ill, and if not, they must bring a daily negative test with them. If you do not, you will not be allowed to enter. Absenteeism will be considered vacation at your own expense. ” Heil also demanded that companies comply with the rules. In addition, and.about. The minister noted that the enterprises will be checked and, in case of violation, employers face heavy fines and even closure for an indefinite period.

After the introduction of 3G, workers who do not appear at the workplace due to lack of vaccination or a negative test for coronavirus can forget about wages. This is exactly what Rainer Dulger, President of the German Federal Employers’ Association (BDA) urged employers to do: “Anyone who does not come to work for reasons for which he is responsible cannot claim any wages. Without this rule, you could be in trouble if people who refuse to get tested or vaccinated are rewarded with paid leave, ”Dulger said.

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