Germany: the Ministry of Health of Germany bought too many masks

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Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (Jens Spahn) decided not to provoke fate and bought much more masks than was needed. Now he is accused of this.

According to Spiegel, the Federal Ministry of Health has purchased too many masks in a “messy process” and incurred huge costs in doing so. In the 50-page report, Bonn’s auditors also talk about a “chaotic procedure” when purchasing face masks. “Purchased a total of 5.8 billion masks exceeded the annual need of 4.7 billion, calculated by the Ministry of Health based on statistics,” the article says. In the case of the FFP-2 masks, the Spahn ministry purchased “thirteen times the norm” and “eight times more than the federal states and compulsory health insurance associations demanded,” according to

The Federal Audit Office claims that the task of purchasing masks was very difficult at the height of the pandemic. Nevertheless, in the opinion of the Chamber of Accounts, “excessive purchases” could have been “avoided”. In addition to the cost of purchasing masks in the amount of 6.3 billion euros, an “additional cost” of 320 million euros is currently being calculated, which could be further increased due to legal disputes and possible disposal costs of expired goods.

Germany says this:

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