Germany towards a new extension of the lockdown, with no deadline – La German chancellery intends to launch a further extension of the lockdown currently in force in Germany. This is what emerges from a draft of the document that will be discussed tomorrow at summit between Angela Merkel and the Laender governors anticipated by the AFP. The document provides for the maintenance of the confinement measures at least until late April, but at the moment there is no date for the conclusion of the restrictions.

At the same time, no reopening is foreseen, while explicit reference is made to “the once again very strong development of infections” within which “an exponential dynamic” is recorded.

However, the Laender and the districts may be allowed “to initiate model projects in the term in which individual spheres of public life can be reopened in the presence of severe protective measures”. The text also evokes the possibility of allowing citizens to take holidays “with few contacts” in their Laender.



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