Germany: When will Singles Day and Black Friday take place this year?

November will bring with it two days, which both shopaholics and consumers in Germany and many other countries await with trepidation. These are shopping holidays – “Black Friday” and “Bachelor’s Day” launched by the Chinese company Alibaba. Retailers are promising fabulous discounts these days. On what days does the riot of discounts fall this year?

This year, Black Friday will take place on November 26th. Numerous sellers are already promising phenomenal discounts both offline and online. Almost every store prepares special offers for the last Friday of November to entice customers. It is important to know that some retailers inform about promotions literally the night before the sale, others start the sale a few days before the famous Friday. Few people know that retailers often provide substantial discounts in the form of gift checks and coupons as part of Black Friday promotions, and not just discounts on certain types of goods.

Another blockbuster in the world of shopping will also take place in November. Shortly before Black Friday, Singles Day will take place. This Chinese tradition is becoming more and more popular in Germany. Fans of discounts know that this year the long-awaited day falls on November 11.

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