Germany: Will Germans Be Considered Unvaccinated Without Revaccination

Do Germans have to undergo booster vaccinations anytime soon to be considered fully vaccinated?

Thomas Mertens, the head of the Permanent Commission on Vaccinations, now recommends revaccination for all German citizens over the age of 18. A prerequisite for this is studies that indicate a decrease in vaccination protection after a few months, which is why the traffic light coalition is already considering shortening the validity of vaccination certificates.

Environmental law expert Manuela Rottmann said that due to declining protection against vaccination, it will soon be necessary to re-regulate who is considered vaccinated and who is not. – reports

In other words, citizens who do not wish to undergo revaccination may in the worst case be classified as unvaccinated even if they have been vaccinated twice and their vaccination certificate will be revoked.

The new view that full immunization is only possible through revaccination has sparked a controversy that has reached European levels. EPP group spokesman for the European Parliament, Dr. Peter Lise: “From today’s point of view, it must be said that immunization is not complete if you have received the second or first vaccinations from Johnson & Johnson. The effect of the vaccine is significantly reduced and it makes sense after six months, if possible, even earlier, to do another vaccination. In the medium term, this should also be included in the COVID-19 certificate of the European Union. “

Germany says this:

Stiko has approved revaccination since the age of 18

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