Germany’s Next Topmodel: So war Folge 7

Germany’s Next Topmodel: So war Folge 7

DThis week, the GNTM ensemble meets reality for the first time. The simulated TV model circus comes to the Berlin Fashion Week for the final exam. Reality check at the epicenter of the German fashion scene.

You can only find more models per square meter in Leonardo DiCaprio’s bedroom. Candidate Martina walks the catwalk at the show by designer Kilian Kerner. Only 24 hours later she is running alongside star models like Kim Riekenberg for Marc Cain. Lieselotte strolls at Marcel Ostertag’s. Juliana, on the other hand, “only” sits next to me in the audience. Martina and Lieselotte, the two remaining best-ager candidates, seem to shape the fashion week in the capital more than Heidi Klum does the possible uses of the pluperfect.

At the same time, the brilliant appearance of the oldies department, which was often smugly commented on at the beginning of the GNTM season by feuilleton like comment columns as diversity puppets of the new ProSieben diversity offensive, is a widely shining signal to the world: while other women of that age are already slowly getting over the thinking more than earning their pension, Martina and Lieselotte start their runway careers. Ironically, the model business, which has always been declared to be particularly age-phobic, is suddenly showing women over 50 new career perspectives. Even Alice Schwarzer can’t think of anything else to cancel Heidi Klum’s standard total euphoria.

Also present: Coco Chanel Ferrero Rocha

But it will still be a few weeks before the Fashion Week episode. GNTM is produced a few weeks in advance. So on Thursday evening I’m sitting surrounded by models who just shared a catwalk with Martina in real time at the Adlon in Berlin and watch “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. In the timeline of the TV format, this week we only got to the famous comp card shoot. The aspirants can’t even dream of catwalks in Berlin. For this, model mom Heidi Klum donated a revealing special outfit to her graduating class of 2022 for the sed cards, which is more neutral than Switzerland: a skin-colored touch of nothing. Basically like white lingerie that someone accidentally spilled their latte on. That doesn’t trigger a storm of jubilation among all the graduates who are forced to wear it.

As if someone had spilled latte macchiato over a white outfit: candidate Sophie and her S

Image: ProSieben/Richard Huebner

However, everyone remembers the unwritten rule in good time that models are generally more known for being poorly knowledgeable clothes hangers than opinion-relevant discourse participants. That’s why Claudia Schiffer, for example, also achieved world fame as a model, while Angela Merkel was Chancellor for 16 years. Conversely, it might have been more difficult.


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