Get the V10 4G Smart Watch with Retractable Hidden Camera

Get the V10 4G Smart Watch with Retractable Hidden Camera

V10 4G Retractable Camera Smartwatch is now available worldwide on AliExpress The alleged hidden 2MP camera is located under the rotating dial Other features listed for the wearable include 4G or 5G SIM support, contactless QR code payments, and GPS tracking ). According to notebookcheck.

The V10 4G smartwatch is now available globally via AliExpress. The wearable has a 1.43-inch (approx. 36 mm) screen with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. The company claims that the device has a hidden 2-megapixel telescopic camera with a 120-degree wide angle of rotation that retracts behind turntable. In addition, the support for a 4G or 5G SIM card enables you to make calls and access the Internet without connecting to a smartphone.

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It appears that popular apps such as Twitter, Amazon, and YouTube can be used on the smartwatch and QR code payments such as WeChat or Alipay can be made using the V10 The watch is claimed to support GPS Typical features such as exercise tracking and heart rate monitoring are also included The gadget packs an 800mAh battery though it’s unclear how much life this provides on a single charge. Two models are available in either 4GB + 16GB or 128GB memory.

You can currently buy the V10 4G smartwatch in 16GB and 128GB models via the LZAKMR AliExpress store for $100.09 and $131.51 respectively and the product page states that these prices are 51% off the suggested retail price of the wearable and the gadget is sent from China and with Shipping to the US is expected in early March.


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