Gianluca Folì selected for the American illustrators award –

The Roman illustrator Gianluca Folì was selected by the New York Society of Illustrators – the oldest US institution dedicated to this art form – for the 63rd annual award, one of the most important international awards in the field. After an exhibition at the Museum of Illustration in New York and on the website, the award ceremony for the winners will be held online on March 18th.

The Italian designer, born in 1978, was selected for his project Colorseeker: the origin of colors, made for the Epson 2021 calendar. The category for which it was chosen is precisely that Institutional, or that of the institutional communication of public bodies or private companies. The tables proposed by Folì – made with analogue techniques and then digitally acquired – imagine a journey in the twelve months in search of colors: landscapes of the most varied contexts, marine environments and forests, microcosms and multicolored animals. All with a strong attention to the colors. The choice of illustration this year was a turning point for Epson, which for twenty years has dedicated its calendar to Italian photographers.

Folì – whose activity ranges from the field of publishing and books to the corporate one – it has won numerous international awards. His project for Epson was also included in the list of finalists in number 62 of “Creative Quarterly”, a New York periodical of arts, photography and visual communication.

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