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We all hate cookies. And more than we hate the tracking tools with the cutest names in the world, we hate those annoying messages that pop up and inform us that the site uses cookies and lead us into a maze from which we have to figure out how to minimize the amount of information stored on us. There are plugins that help with this, and eliminate these messages – but for the first time there is also a browser that does it for you.

Bye, cookie messages

The privacy-based browser Brave has announced that it will start freeing its users from the need to click on the cookie messages full of dark patterns and obscure wording, and will simply remove them entirely from every site they surf to. It is important to note that not only the cookies themselves are used to track us, and in some cases the messages that will pop up on the various websites – as shown by the research of some French researchers – they can also be used to track us. According to the study, which examined the issue on more than 500 different websites, the messages themselves contain means of tracking and as soon as users clicked on them – even if they refused cookies – the number of tracking tools that ran in the background on the various websites increased.

This is where Brave comes in, which will now upload these messages for you. According to a website blog post, in some cases – if possible – it will even completely block these messages. The post also states that Brave blocks the communication channel between the browser and the system that tracks your response to cookie messages.

The option to activate the new feature will jump to all users as soon as the version of your browser is updated. “Brave already blocks third-party cookies.” We can also block the messages about cookies,” reads the message that pops up in front of the users.

If you happen to give up the pleasure and want to activate the setting afterwards, it is under the Shields page (the picture at the top of the article), where you will look for the word cookie in the list of filters and you will find the filter that will block these annoying messages for you.

The first browser, not the only player

Blocking cookie messages is an area that has existed for a while, given the fact that there are always those who would like to eliminate such tracking tools – and especially such harassment – from their lives. Just recently the story of a 10-year-old browser extension that does this called I don’t care about cookies made headlines after it was acquired by the antivirus company Avast and angered users. In addition, just this year we told you about a new add-on that is being developed by researchers, and will click for you only on the necessary cookies for browsing.


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