Gimbe research, with a pandemic 144.5 million fewer outpatient services

In 2020, 144.5 million fewer outpatient services, compared to 2019, with the most significant share relating to laboratory tests (62.6% of total less services), followed by diagnostics (13.9%) , from visits (12.9%) and finally from the rehabilitation area (5.8%) and from the therapeutic one (4.9%).

Research data conducted by the Gimbe Foundation, published as part of the ‘My health cannot wait’ campaign promoted by Johnson & Johnson Medical Italia, reveal how Covid-19 has led to a drastic drop in hospitalizations and care for patients with other pathologies.

“The analyzed data show that in all the Regions there has been a significant reduction in surgical interventions, especially those planned, even in areas, such as oncology, where the timeliness of the intervention is fundamental for the prognosis of the patient – commented Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation – All the elective surgery activity has been considerably sacrificed and the impact on health risks being significant, even if difficult to estimate “.

“We have analyzed the first draft of the NRRR”, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, – he affirms – “and it is time to decide whether the money destined for health will be used to patch up a National Health Service that makes water, in a public health lifting operation, or instead we want to carry out courageous reforms “.

“Perhaps it is necessary to remedy the criticality of the health system by rethinking it in a new way – underlined Cartabellotta – also taking into account that we will bequeath it to those who will have to repay part of the loans contracted with the European Union”.


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