Ginger oil: a natural pain reliever that you will never let go of

Ginger oil: a natural pain reliever that you will never let go of

He joint pain it can come at any time. That is to say, it is not necessary to be of advanced age, spending so much time using the computer and the cell phone could induce this discomfort. For this reason we tell you, how to make a natural ginger oil that works as a pain reliever.

What is joint pain?

He Joint pain is a feeling of malaise or stiffness in any of the joints of the body, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. It is caused by a variety of factors, including injury, inflammatory disease, arthritis, the wear and tear of age, or a combination of these factors. He joint pain andIn some cases it becomes temporary or chronic, affecting a person’s ability to perform daily activities. treat the Joint pain it depends on the underlying cause and includes physical therapy, medications, lifestyle changes, and in some cases surgery.

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What is ginger and how does it help pain?

He ginger is a root It is used as an ingredient in cooking and as an herbal remedy. Ginger has been shown to be effective in pain relief, including menstrual pain, headache and joint pain in cases of osteoarthritis. This is because ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce the inflammation and relieve pain.

After trying several alternatives such as medicines, injections, and even animal venom, you may want to try ginger oil, here we reveal the recipe you need:

How is ginger oil made?

To make this remedy ginger oil It is important that you follow the instructions to the letter, in addition to trying to use the freshest products possible. Take note!


1-A piece of whole ginger

2-200ml olive oil (extra virgin)

preparation mode

To start, peel the ginger until completely clean, then clean with plenty of water. Later, with the help of a knife, he begins to grate the entire piece. There should not be any large fragment, which is as thin as possible.

Once the previous step is done, put all the ginger in a container along with the olive oil and let it rest for three days in a cool, dark place.

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Way of use

Place the container in the oven or over low heat for 20 minutes. It should be at approximately 65°C. Later, leave the mixture at room temperature to rest, and once it cools down a bit, you can apply it directly to the area of ​​discomfort.

Massage for at least 10 minutes and leave the ginger oil act for at least half an hour; then rinse with lukewarm water. What is left of oil, pour it into a glass bottle so that it converses better, and leave it in a warm area of ​​your home.

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According to a study published by The National Institute of HealthUnited States, the ginger is a natural pain reliever what reduces pain, but also acts as an anti-inflammatory. So the hands and fingers inflamed by arthritis are considerably reduced.

If you have very small fingers inflamedwhich limits their movements, we recommend using ginger oil, after a while you will really see the results.

We recommend that you keep the oil in small containers, so you can carry it in your bag wherever you go and you can use it at any time.

As if that were not enough, it is also very effective for weight loss, so if you have a spare little gingeryou can make a tea and drink it on an empty stomach to reduce inflammation in your abdomen and lose weight.

You can also take the opportunity to drink ginger tea at least three times a week.

Don’t wait any longer and make your own ginger oil to make you forget about pain. Best of all, you don’t need to spend.


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