Giorgetti, the government will be able to stop the price increases

by time news – The government “will be able to intervene on the impact of the cost of bills, above all for consumers and for companies, especially those that have carried out green projects ” Giancarlo Giorgetti during a connection with the 14th edition of the Città Impresa di Vicenza Festival.

“It is an evolving situation but the government will be able to buffer the situation of the cost of bills. The increase in the cost of bills helps to make it clear that a greener future has a price that must be paid”, reiterated the minister. of economic development.

The EU must act on rising raw materials prices

“The Italian government can do very little to counter the rise in the price of raw materials. If anything, it is Europe that can implement containment measures” said Giorgetti.

“This is a theme that becomes strategic for States, because controlling the supply of materials means having an instrument of strength and power towards other countries – continued Giorgetti -. Whoever produces lithium, for example, in the world will decide how to sell it, to whom, and at what price. These are geopolitical reflections but that sooner or later we should discuss “.

Expensive green transition price bills

“Paradoxically, the disgrace of the increase in bills allows us to open our eyes and see that the environmental transaction has a price. A whole choice of economic and energy policies converge on the bill, for example even that of not having nuclear power for supply. of energy “.

“The Government will intervene to reduce the impact on consumers, but also on businesses. At the international level we must intervene, starting from the idea that the environmental transition has a cost and consumers and businesses pay it”, he concluded.


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