Giorgio Scanu, who was the man killed in Honduras. The friend: «He dreamed of a restaurant» –

The best friend still doesn’t believe it. “Did Giorgio kill his neighbor?” I absolutely exclude it, violence was not his way of being. May they seek the truth. He was killed with barbaric ferocity. A crowd against a lonely and defenseless man …». Efisio Cau e Giorgio Scanu, peers, they had last seen each other just over three years ago, but they often heard on the phone. “Last time he told me he wanted to open a restaurant in Tegucigalpa. “I’ll wait for you, I’ll take care of everything: when you want to come, I’ll send you the plane ticket”. He was retired, he wanted me as his partner, he had many plans ».

Giorgio Scanu had left Sardinia more than 20 years ago, almost 30, they say in Santa Giusta, a center which is practically a periphery of Oristano, towards Cagliari. He was born in Donigala, a nearby hamlet, he had moved a few kilometers. A first marriage that lasted a few months, just to see a child born, the work – appreciated – as a telephone technician. But then the crisis and layoffs arrived at Sirti, a company that carried out tenders for Telecom Italia. And he had connections at Deutsche Telekom. They offered him to move to Central America, he packed his bags and left.

Honduras, all the insights:

In his past even years as a footballer, first and second category, amateur championship, up to the small matches between amateurs, fame as a “mastiff” as a lateral defender. «It’s true, they called it Terrore – remember Sergio Vacca and Tino Melis, who took care of the teams in which he played: Milis, Nurachi, Riola, Oristano towns – because it was decided on the pitch, the attackers against opponents turned off. He played hard but fair. And he was respected. He has always had a passion for football. He had to stop playing a bit because of his age and some muscle trouble. He also wanted to try as a coach. He was tough on his players too, he demanded discipline. He started saying: I will miss football ».

The first years as an emigrant were tough. Long journeys, uncomfortable locations. Job offers in Guatemala, possibility to move to Brazil. But by now in Honduras he had rebuilt a life, new marriage and two children. “Of course, here is a completely different mentality, Italy and Sardinia are something else”. Sometimes a bit of nostalgia. In 2005 a few weeks of vacation in Sardinia and a temptation. But he had immediately given up: «I am now close to retirement and I see that there is no work here. What do I return to do? ».

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