“Girls are done with it”: Rotem Sela reveals what is the most attractive organ in a man

“Girls are done with it”: Rotem Sela reveals what is the most attractive organ in a man

The new season of “Ninja Israel”, a past contestant, a full Jubilee, The first Israeli ninja joined as a commentator for the new season of the challenging reality show. Shamla, who in the previous season climbed Midoriyama in 26 seconds and was crowned the 16th ninja in the world, retired from competing in the show. In a glimpse of the episode that will be broadcast tonight, Shamla recalls the sentence that the presenter of the program told him, Rotem Sela at their first meeting.

In a glimpse for TMI surfers of the episode that will be broadcast tonight on “Keshet 12” after the news, refers Assi Azar Shamla’s dominant jaw line and asks if he injected fillers into it: “Shamla, you did hyaluronic acid in your chin”, but the new judge does not understand what the presenter wants from him and replies: “What did I do? I don’t understand what you are talking to me”.

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Rotem Sela reveals why girls are attracted to men (courtesy of Keshet 12)

Sela intervenes and says: “You know that’s what girls are attracted to? An aggressive jawline.” Shamla recalled: “You know that’s what you said to me in the first season the first time we met. That’s what you said, I remember. The first time I entered, the first time I entered something related to ninja. That’s the first thing.” Asi says: “Now I understand why you did hyaluronic acid for this season, you wanted to impress Rotem,” and she replies: “But you know, it’s true, girls get tired of it.”

Yuval is full on the way to victory in the final of “Ninja Israel” (photo: screenshot)

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