Girls’ education rights activist arrested in Kabul

Girls’ education rights activist arrested in Kabul
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Islamabad:The United Nations (UN) has announced that the Taliban have arrested a man who worked for girls’ education rights in Afghanistan. Matiullah Veza, the founder and president of the non-governmental organization ‘Pen Path’, was arrested by security forces in Kabul on Monday.

Matiulla’s brother Samiulla Vesa said that when he was coming out after the evening prayer, he was stopped in front of the church and forcibly taken away. Samiullah and another brother, Wali Muhammad, were arrested on Tuesday.

U.N. to inform the reason behind Matiullah’s arrest. Afghanistan was asked. The Taliban has not responded to the incident.

‘Pen Path’ is an organization that travels across Afghanistan with a mobile school and library and works for the education of girls. After the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, women were banned from studying. He has repeatedly asked the Taliban to lift the ban.


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