Girona’s Toni Pons closes 2022 with a turnover record

Girona’s Toni Pons closes 2022 with a turnover record

The Girona shoe brand Toni Pons closed the year 2022 with one turnover of 29 million euros, the highest figure in its history. The company billed a 53.48% more than in 2021when the company ended the year with almost 18.9 million.

This last year, the company from Girona sold 1.3 million pairs of shoes. According to details from Toni Pons, one of the reasons for its growth has been through “avoid seasonality”. The company reports that they have opted for diversify the product with an increase in winter footwear. However, espadrilles continue to be the star product of the company, accounting for almost 70% of total sales.

In fact, the brand already explained in August that during the first half of the year it had sold 58% more than between January and June of the year 2021, a balance that affirmed the company’s forecast to finish 2022 with a turnover of 27 million euros, although finally, the figures have exceeded expectations.

At that time, Jordi Pons, grandson of the founder of the family shoe company, related the improvement of the numbers to a combination of factors. On the one hand, the more than 70 years of experience; for another, that the company has people young at the helm “eager to take advantage of opportunities»; and, also, which is supported by three ways of business “with a lot of health”: multi-brand stores, the company’s big bet since Jordi Pons took the reins in 2016: own stores, and finally, the online channel.

Currently, Toni Pons has 25 own stores (14 in Spain, eight in Saudi Arabia, two in Colombia and one in Ecuador). In addition, the company has a presence in more than 2,000 points of sale in more than 50 countries around the world. In addition, Toni Pons is also present on Amazon, Zalando and El Corte Inglés.

Openings in the Philippines

The Girona shoe brand hopes to open in the coming months between 12 and 15 stores in the Philippines. Specifically, they plan to open between March and October this year 10 establishments, in March the company will inaugurate the first two stores and it is expected that by October the company will already have a dozen establishments. Toni Pons had already had a presence in the Southeast Asian country before the outbreak of the pandemic, but they are currently not present anywhere in the country.

Interior of a Toni Pons store, in an archive image. DdG

In addition, the company intends to also expand nationally this 2023, with the opening of three or four new stores in Spain.

The company, based in the Mas Xirgu industrial estate, also wants to grow through the improvement of its facilities. “We are evaluating expanding the warehouse and the offices”, details from Toni Pons.


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