Giunta, the revocation of Buttari opens the showdown in the Pd –

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FRANCAVILLA. Revocation of the office of councilor a Francesca Buttari by the mayor Antonio Luciani gives way to the internal showdown of the Pd of Francavilla, which at the same time largely tightens around its most authoritative figure. “We don’t like the Luciani method and the move made with Francesca (Buttari) only confirms the feelings”, explains the citizen secretary of the Democratic Party Mirko Di Muzio, «His behavior has very little democratic: in fact he put forward his line, that of Luisa Russo, without giving the other majority forces the opportunity to express themselves ».
In the Democratic Party, however, this does not seem to be the only problem: Francesca Buttari gave her willingness to run for mayor at the beginning of November and today the party has not yet provided her with an answer. “A mistake that has done nothing but weaken us,” Di Muzio labels him. Who points the finger at what he calls “internal currents” corresponding to the names of Gilberto Rapino ed Edoardo Viani. «Let them tell us clearly what they want to do», he says, «for months they have only been internal obstruction in the name of some political game, saying no to everything and proposing nothing. Their attitude has slowed us down, but it doesn’t stop us. Buttari remains our reference figure and the many certificates of esteem that have arrived in recent days do nothing but reinforce her position ».
Certificates that, during the day, come from other forces within the Democratic Party. “The story of Buttari, always at the forefront of women’s rights, speaks for her, as do the dozens of dissenting comments arrived for the choice of mayor Luciani”, explains the spokesperson Marta Rapa. Which speaks of an “incomprehensible choice, that of Luciani, wrong in timing and methods, explained with a speech that reveals logic aimed at the next electoral campaign”.
In the afternoon another message arrived from the Pd councilors Tina Di Girolamo, Mario Gallo e Cristina Rapino. For them that of the mayor is “a serious and wrong choice, which risks dividing the majority”. And they add: “The mayor let us know if he intends to continue to be the unitary reference of the coalition”, before reiterating that the Democratic Party will not indicate any name to replace Buttari in the council.
But Luciani goes on his way: “I await indications from the Democratic Party on the name of a woman who can express that political part.” And he continues: «The demonstrations of support for Buttari confirm that the decision taken is right. In defense of the former councilor, people from outside the administration lined up, demonstrating that Buttari was following a path in complete autonomy ». Then he relaunches: “The silence of the experts is deafening, except for Mirko Di Muzio, unelected secretary who is no longer in office.”
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