«Give me 5», web TV for healthy children

In the schedule designed for ages 5-10, 5 superheroes will educate on healthy nutrition and fight against a sedentary lifestyle, between games and entertainment | Courier TV

For some time, doctors and experts have been calling attention to the health problems of Italian children: overweight, too lazy and sedentary, often prone to poor nutrition. And, as if that were not enough, well disposed towards cigarettes since half of the Italian minors have at least tried to smoke and one in ten is a habitual smoker (many already start in middle school). Long months closed at home for the Covid-19 epidemic certainly did not help and the many limitations still in progress, starting with schools and summer camps closed with working parents, continue to be an obstacle. Just to entertain the little ones in an educational way for their health, “Dammi il 5” was born, a web TV with a schedule entirely designed for children aged between 5 and 10 and 5 superheroes who will teach healthy nutrition and fight against sedentary lifestyle , between games and entertainment. The platform will start on 9 June, with daily programming from 2pm to 5pm.



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