Given the advance of the Omicron variant, Israel will apply a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine

The government of Israel decided to apply a fourth dose of the vaccine against the coronavirus to health personnel, people over 60 years of age and immunosuppressed people.

This was recommended by a committee of experts and announced this Tuesday by the prime minister, Naftali Bennett.

The decision was adopted at a meeting of the council of ministers on the pandemic and disclosed in a statement in which the premier urged residents of Israel to “get vaccinated“.

The opinion of the specialists “is great news that will help us overcome the spread of the omicron variant that engulfs the world“Bennett stressed in the text, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

Test of Covid in Israel. Photo AFP.

“The citizens of Israel were the first in the world to receive a third dose of Covid-19 vaccine and we are still in the forefront with the fourth dose“he added.

As reported, those who are qualified to receive the fourth dose will be able to do so at least four months after applying the third, reported the Israeli Ministry of Health.

More than 4.1 million people, out of 9.3 million total inhabitants, received three doses of coronavirus vaccines in that country, according to official data.

Travel ban

Israeli ministers agreed on Monday ban travel to the United States, Canada and eight other countries amid the rapid global spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Bennett’s office announced the decision after a cabinet vote.

The unusual decision to include the United States on the red list comes amid a surge in coronavirus infections in Israel and marks a shift in pandemic practices between the two allied nations.

Israel's Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz.  Photo Xinhua / Bacchus of Israel.

Israel’s Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz. Photo Xinhua / Bacchus of Israel.

The United States will join a growing list of European countries and other destinations where Israelis are prohibited from traveling and from which returning travelers must remain in quarantine.

A parliamentary commission is expected to give final approval to the measure. Once authorized, the travel ban will take effect at midnight on Wednesday morning.

In Israel Omicron cases have increased in recent weeks and for this reason it began to close its borders and restrict travel at the end of November.

The entry of foreigners and all Israelis arriving from abroad must be quarantined, including vaccinated people.

Other countries added to the travel ban as of Wednesday are Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey.




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